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Hello, I’m Josh!
From a young age in Manitoba, I can remember my Dad taking me out on weekend camping trips, dragging me and my sisters in a sled behind him on his cross-country skis, canoeing trips to beautiful lakes, and him passing down his knowledge of the outdoors. I can thank him for igniting my passion for the outdoors.

Now based in Alberta, Canada, I am only a short drive to the Canadian Rockies; that is where you will find me 90% of the time. Searching for natural hot springs, blue alpine lakes, and tall mountain summits to catch a sunrise on with friends and, of course, always with my camera in hand.

For the past two years, I have worked closely with some of my favourite brands to help tell their unique story. Taking their products to remote and rarely photographed locations and capturing them in their natural environments to provide them with powerful imagery that is sure to stop the mindless scroll of users online.

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